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When you think about changing your washer and dryer you really want to start with the washing machine selection. Because that the place you get the chance for the best reduction in operating costs both electricity and water. If you are in the market for washer or dryer focus on getting the best one. This article will help you to pick the model that best suits your needs.

There are three main types of washing machines

  1. Top-Loader with agitators
  2. High-efficiency top-loaders
  3. High-efficiency front-loaders

Top-Loader with agitators

Top loader it’s the most popular in a country by far it’s the least expensive and lot to like about it. You just put the clothes in it and it moves them around and washes them. Top loaders are traditional washing machines with the agitator in the middle of the washing machine that circulates your laundry. Despite some important drawbacks, the top-loaders are still the top-selling washing machines in the United States. They cost less than the high-efficiency washers.

Most top-loaders with agitator’s washers don’t clean as well & don’t extract as much water. That especially important if you are looking to boost your dryer’s performance. Washers agitators tend to tough on clothing s compared to high-efficiency washing machines.  

High-efficiency top-loaders

High-efficiency top-loaders look like basic loaders without the agitators. However, these offers better performance and water and energy efficiency. They spin faster, so they extract more water, and they can hold more laundry than traditional top-loaders, about 17 to 18 pounds per load depending on the model. It can cost almost as much as front-loaders.

Sometimes high-efficiency top-loaders are prone to tangling up clothes. Some high-efficiency top-loaders can become unbalanced. If you wash the waterproof or water resistant item in them this can cause excessive shaking and sometimes damage the machine. If you plan on washing water-resistant fabrics often checks the model specs for the low spin or no spin mode.

The majority of washing machines are 27 inches wide, but manufacturers are making them wider, adding 2 to 3 inches to increase capacity. Manufacturers are increasing capacity for high-efficiency top-loaders to make them deeper. That saves width space but if you are shorter you may have trouble reaching the bottom of the machine. So its good idea to do a reach check at the store.

Top load washers pros:

  • The classic top load washer its one that most of us grew with and one of the best thing about it is they are usually a lot cheaper. This technology has been around for a long time so the price has gone down.
  • When you lift the lid and open it is a lot easier to pull your clothes out and throw them into the dryer.
  • If you are forgetful and need to add clothes you just lift the lid up & cycle pause, add your clothes and you are good to go, very simple controls.
  • This machine has not any mildew or mold smell.

Top loaders washers cons:

  • A lot of top loader washers have an Accenture agitator in the middle.
  • This washer used a lot more water. The drum needs are filled up before the cycle starts.
  • You can’t even stack a top load washer. So if you want to stack and watch your dryer check out the front load.
  • The spin cycle is just not quite as efficient. It is spinning this way versus its spinning that way so your clothes are going to need a little bit more drying time.

High-efficiency front-loaders

Normally front loaders are top performers. Worldwide both Asia and Europe front loaders are the most popular with good reason. They offer more capacity than top-loaders. If lots of dirty clothes on a consistent basis then front loader is the best option. The front load washers are tough on stains and gentle on clothes. These tackled tough stains and some tend to be gentle to clothes than top-loaders. They also extract the most water, making your dryers drop easier.

Front loaders can be stacked with the dryer to save floor space in small areas. If you want to add pedestal below your machines so you won’t have to bend over to load and unload laundry. Front loaders are often quieter than other types; they tend to vibrate that might to be the issue in living areas.

Pros of Frontload Washer:  

  1. It is stackable so it’s going to take up half the space in your home. This is really nice especially if you do have a small space.
  2. They are more energy efficient & yet they somehow spin faster. What that means is you actually have a more efficient drying cycle because when they spin faster it takes more moisture out of your clothing and therefore you have a lot shorter dry time.
  3. Front loader has a big opening you can hold a lot more clothing in it so you can show those big queen size bedspreads in there and towels,
  4. A lot of top mode washers has an agitator in the middle which kinds of take up a lot of the space.
  5. The front load uses less water. Keep about a third of the drum full of water at all times and it spins the clothes through it.
  6. The top load washers which fill up the whole drum before the cycle gets started.
  7. There are just a lot more settings on High-efficiency front load washers. So you can really customize your cleaning cycle based on fabric or time so you are going to get a lot better clean out of these machines.

Cons of front load washer:

  1. If you don’t buy pedestal these sit little lower to the ground so some people might have a hard time bidding over pulling the clothes out.
  2. If you do want to raise it up you need to add extra expense of pedestal.
  3. The High-efficiency front load washers nowadays little more expensive than the top load.
  4. Front load washer door once locked you start your cycle & very few brands have an option to add clothes once your cycle starts. Because if you open that door water to go off your fit right.
  5. Soap and water feedstuff in little spaces and it creates an ability to smell which none of us want our laundry.

Advance features in today’s washing machine

You will find all sorts of features on washing machine these days, form steam setting to remote diagnosis. Electronics displays and controls provide more options and flexibility than those old turn dials. They allow you to keep an eye on how much time is left in the cycle. Some options also have a time save cycle. It cuts about 15 to 20 minutes off of cycle that can normally run anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

Many manufacturers give you more options in one appliance. This washer adds separate washing machine for delicate or smaller loads down below. This washer has a built-in the sink under the lead for hand washing and pre-treating stains. Many machines are coming with smart technology that allows you to check in and control your cycle via an app. Some can even link to smart devices like a thermostat.

If your machine is not working properly there is an option on some called remote diagnosis this allows your machine to connect with the manufacturer sometimes via an app on your smartphone.

Compact washer:

Compact washers are normally 24 inches wide or less. Some can be stacked with the dryer to save even more space. Others are more portable, designed with wheels to roll and attached to the sink if you don’t have the plumbing for a washer. There are also laundry centers that have washer and dryer in one unit, as well as combination machines that wash and dry and one drum. These come in handy if you only have enough space for one large appliance, but want the capacity of a regular sized washer. Compact washing machines can be expensive for their size. So they are really only worth it if you can’t fit a larger washer.

Detergent for washing machine:

More detergent does not mean better cleaning. Over time detergent can build up and damaging the machine and your clothing. Always use H. E. detergent in high-efficiency washers. Since these machines use the lot less water. Regular detergents produce too many suds and many eventually gum up your machine. Never overload your machine. Instead, opt for one with a larger capacity. This will help to extend the life of your machine.

Remember, nothing is perfect in this world.


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