Mesothelioma is not the death sentence that it was 20 years ago. Patients should know that mesothelioma is not necessarily a death sentence so no needs to be panic. There is an effective therapy for the majority of patients who deemed candidate for an aggressive treatment strategy. Quality life extension is possible. Mesothelioma patients need to get into a treatment program that will allow the experienced physician, experience in the treatment of mesothelioma, and approach them as a patient in a way that is knowledgeable and aggressive.

In the late 80s, almost 80 to 90 percent of patients knew where they were exposed to asbestos and what their occupation was. But now only 60 percent of mesothelioma patients know that they were exposed to asbestos and from where they got it. That means 40 percent of patients were ignorant about their asbestos exposure. Over the 25 years, a lot of mesothelioma disease occurred and continues to occur.

In the 1980s patients of mesothelioma, they felt and the first experience they had was that I have a fatal disease it was sort of like they didn’t have a hope. But a lot of positive things that can be done medically today, quality life extensions leading to a cure. A quality life is available for the majority of patients who are deemed candidate for aggressive treatment strategy. The five-year survival of mesothelioma has risen dramatically over the past two decades.

Mesothelioma disease is often discovered very late. Unfortunately this type of tumor mesothelioma it tends to be very invasive so it’s not only on the lining of the lungs but it actually tends to grow into the inside of the chest into the ribs, into the mussels. So the part of the staging procedure is not the only biopsy but do tests like an additional cat scan, MRI. That may allow you to determine whether or not the tissue has been involved with this tumor. In addition, Pet scan or neuron technology will be used to level sugar can also be utilized to help find whether or not mesothelioma is spread beyond the particular area. Once you worked up and find its confine, surgery is the way to go, its major surgery.

Immunotherapy for mesothelioma:

Immunotherapy enables a patient’s own immune system to combat the aggressive cancer cells. In a 2017 study of mesothelioma patient with Opdivo and Yervoy, approximately half responded well to combination therapy.

Keytruda is another immunotherapy drug showing promise in mesothelioma research. With this therapy over 50% of patient experienced tumor reduction.

A new therapy using Nano cells to deliver anti-cancer treatment puts one mesothelioma patient nearly into full remission. Partial or full remission is rarely reported among people with mesothelioma.

Photodynamic therapy is helpful for mesothelioma in combination with surgery. Photodynamic therapy kills remaining cancer cells left behind after surgery.

Stem cells vaccine:

Researchers are developing a stem cells vaccine as a treatment option for mesothelioma. People with a history of asbestos exposure might be able to take the vaccine to prevent mesothelioma. This vaccine helps mesothelioma patient live longer by controlling cancer growth.

Hot chemotherapy:

After mesothelioma removed the most likely place it may come back where it took out, they tend to recur. After mesothelioma surgery radiation and intravenous chemotherapy is treatment. Over the last decade developed a technique where at the time of surgery after the tumor has been removed chemotherapy initially single drug prove its safety and now a double drug, soon be hopefully be having triple-drug therapy regimen that meant at the time surgery to eradicate as much as possible these remaining microscopic cells. The future of this type of treatment is very bright.

The most important things to mesothelioma patients understand that they really need to get in the positive frame of mind. The importance of winning mindset is necessary for patients. In this disease, anything is possible because patients who had bilateral disease alive five-six years later. So anything is possible to get a stay positive.

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