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Primary bone cancer is very rare. Primary bone cancers are making up only 1 percent of all cancers. Cancer that starts in the bone is rare, what is more, common is for cancer to spread from another part of the body to the bone.

There are two ways that you can have cancer in the bone. The first way is when you have a primary tumor in the bone meaning that cancer started in the bone itself. These are the things like sarcoma and they originated in the bone, sometimes they are benign but frequently they are malignant. Then there is the other situation where cancer started in other parts of the body like breast cancer and spread to the bone.

Bone sarcomas are a rare collection of cancerous tumors that effects on the bone predominantly and they originate in the bones. A Pathologist looks at a small piece of the tumor under the microscope to really confirm that it really is a bone sarcoma. Primary bone sarcomas can be found in any part of the body. The most common is in the femur. Bone sarcoma presents initially with pain particularly, pain at night though they don’t have to be painful all the time. Often time you have some discomfort in and around the knee.

The most common types are osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, and condor sarcoma, but there are multiple other subtypes as well. Each of them is rare. The most common being osteosarcoma or Ewing’s sarcoma are typically treated with a very coordinated course of chemotherapy and surgery. Ewing’s sarcoma is a very bad aggressive cancer. Osteosarcomas, in particular, tend to be around the knee, hip and shoulder either in the lower part of the femur bone or upper part of the tibia bone though they can find any part of the body. Osteosarcoma is the most common cancer in bone cancer. Usually, this type of bone cancer found in young people but sometimes it can occur in children also. Bone cancer is higher in men than women.

Most bone sarcomas we don’t know why they occurred. In some rare condition that the patient has had radiation for other causes, radiation is known to predispose to sarcoma or there are some rare genetic conditions that can predispose to any sorts of cancer. Though most of the time we don’t know the reason. Some bone sarcomas can reoccur. They occur either locally in the area where it was initially taken out or somewhere else in the body.

Most common cancers it’s in the bone are a bone metastasis. When cancers are caught early they are still in the localized stage, but when they grow sometimes some cancer cells can go into the blood system and they go through the body and they are in the blood system all throughout the body. So whenever there is a large supply of blood takes the liver, Low part of the liver, the lungs, the bones that’s where these cancer cells could be going through and they get kind of filtered through these organs and there is opportunity for cancer cells to take hold in these other parts of the body, That’s called metastasis.

When these cancers cell takes hold in a bone it starts to grow and it just looks like cancer. It grows in that bone and it can weaken the bone. Your legs which bear a lot of weight it could weaken the bone such that the bone fractures take place. If it’s in the spine, in the vertebrae it can grow out and push and give pressure on the spinal cord and cause paralysis. common cancer that is spread to the bones are cancer of the breast and cancer of the lung and cancer of the prostate have a fairly high propensity when they are in an advanced stage to go to the bone.

Treatment for bone cancer:

Bone cancer treats with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and drugs to strengthen to a bone. If the bone cancer is not treated at the right time it seems to affect the entire body and also increases the risk of death after a while.

Bone cancer affects every year about 20 million people.


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