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More than 4500 years ago Finnish pottery makers discovered a stone made of thin fibers that mixed really well with the clay they used it to make pots. This stone was so strong and yet so flexible that could they used it to make their pots thinner and bigger than ever. The ancient Greeks, Egyptian, and Romans start using it because it was surprisingly resistant to heat. 8 to 12 percentage earth crust is some form of asbestos so it’s pretty common stuff.

What is asbestos?

Actually asbestos is just naming it’s not a mineral. Its commercial name was given to describe several three types of asbestos that use commercially. The blue and brown which are iron silicate naturally occurring, and you have got white asbestos which is magnesium silicate a completely different mineral.

White asbestos is chrysotile, white asbestos represents about 90 percent of all the asbestos produced. Today there are only white asbestos mined the other two (Blue and Brown) have been banned. Because two of those are causing health risk not the white.

Iron silicate (Blue and brown asbestos) is formed in natural clays and they are like little glimpse lumps of crystal glass that when they shattered and made into production added like little glass needles and they are very good for reinforcing in cement and products. But unfortunately when they get into the lungs they stay there and that’s what causes the problems. The troubled with blue and brown asbestos they cause to take up to 40 to 60 years to show.

The white asbestos formed in entirely different ways. It’s like silk and when it gets into the lungs when you breathe it can easily dissolve and doesn’t give the same sort of problem that blue and brown asbestos does. Many years ago when white asbestos being mined under poor hygiene he did cause problems, in the same way, the coal mining cause problems. But from last 50 years now white asbestos has been very strictly controlled and it doesn’t cause the disease.

In 1989 in America, white asbestos is banned because of this deadly killer. But in 1991, it came before the fifth circuit court of America. The judge and the experts overturn the ban.

In the United States, white asbestos is used in asbestos cement. Asbestos cement in its corrugated form which is most people recognize on the commercial buildings and farm buildings. White asbestos is also used in pipes that conduct our water. Asbestos was widely used in naval ships and Shipyards. Asbestos once used in 3000 consumer products including household items. Some of which may still be in use today.

What made asbestos is unique is a chemical resistance, heat resistance, and fireproofing abilities. Asbestos was added to the many building materials of many older homes. Primarily asbestos is used to hold things together so it’s used in the most building constructions product, it’s easy and cheap.

As a worker or homeowner, the hazard exists when undertaking the renovation or demolition of a house. Unfortunately, as you break down pieces of asbestos, the danger is releasing asbestos fiber into the air. When workers breathe asbestos fiber enter in mouth and nose and flow down the air passages deep into the lungs.

Once we get asbestos trapped in the lungs and usually from very high exposures over extended periods of time then we start seeing some of those of specialty disease. Because of the asbestos fiber lodge in the delicate lung tissue where oxygen is absorbed into the blood. Immune system cells try and break down the asbestos fiber and become damaged and die. Scar tissue forms around the dead cells and spread as more fibers embed in the lungs.

Asbestos fiber can remain in the lungs for long periods. Eventually, so much scar tissue develops that the lungs stop working. Inhaling too many asbestos fibers over time, and they can cause disease like asbestosis or scarring of the lungs and mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer.

Since 2000 more workers have died from asbestos disease than any other workplace injury.

Will everyone exposed to asbestos gets sick?

There are millions of Americans who have been exposed to a significant amount of asbestos dust in the last decades are most gonna get them sick? The answer is NO. In fact, most of them are not gonna sick. Because fortunately asbestos only causes diseases in individuals that have had heavy exposure typically with the exception of mesothelioma a long period of elapses they have had to have inhaled the fiber and there are various characteristics that would leave one person that developed diseases compared to someone. Who may have worked side by side with them and never become ill.

There are formal governmental and medical suggestions for follow up individuals in certain occupations with certain findings on screening and studies because they have the incidental or non-significant type of condition from asbestos. The problem diagnose does not turn into cancer it merely tells medical providers that they’ve had that type of exposure and something could happen later in their life.

Mesothelioma which is asbestos-related cancer which is the worst type you cannot get it from white asbestos. Mesothelioma depends entirely on the fibers that are sharp enough to penetrate the lung into the lining. White asbestos is like silk and it can dissolve readily anyway.

Everyone that’s gonna has asbestos disease has already got it. They are not going to get it again from today because the controls are so effective.


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